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The three major advantagesTen big brand is so powerful
01powerful enterprise
  • Won many honorsGonHo doors and Windows in the past six years, won the honor more than 10 aluminium alloy door industry!
  • Precise positioningAdhering to international quality as the goal, through independent innovation, to create products that meet the modern needs!
  • Professional design teamThe first-class design and development team, update product continuous research and development, has been to imitate, has never been surpassed!
  • Large production baseModernization of 20000 square meters production base, is equivalent to 2 standard football field area!
  • Imported machineIn order to promote quality, GonHo Windows introduced a fully automatic CNC cutting machine, laser engraving machine and other machine tools!
02Perfect service
  • Quick response afterFor better service dealers, GonHo adopted one-to-one documentary, 7*24 hours professional after-sales service!
  • A mode of replicationGonHo doors and Windows in the terminal to achieve corporate management mode, reduce the dealer investment risks and operating costs.
  • Product securityThe first-class design and development team, update product continuous research and development, has been to imitate, has never been surpassed!
  • Policy supportComprehensive marketing support, provide agent with strong regional protection and promotion policy support!
  • Efficient supplyGonHo doors and Windows with more than 300 production staff, guarantee the goods time shorter than counterparts at least 10 days!
03outstanding quality
  • Use imported partsWith German silk geely or HOPO import hardware accessories, all the accessories are the sole mould custom!
  • Aerospace aluminumChoose Chinese famous brand xinhe aluminum, space aluminum, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance for the common aluminum 10 times!
  • Rich product systemItem more than 200 kinds of existing products, high, medium and low complete product line complete, absolute can satisfy the different demand!
  • quality system detectOur products passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and through strict inspection before the factory!
  • After-sale protectionGonHo doors and Windows products are enjoy taking accessories package to replace a year, five years to repair, life-long maintenance policy!
Six major join in policy
store design support Company to develop the space of professional designers, can according to the actual circumstance of shops, specially designed for dealers provide complete markets.
Decorate a subsidy support As long as the dealer stores in accordance with the unified company standard decoration, the company will be big efforts to provide subsidies to decorate.
Sample discount support New signing GonHo doors and Windows of dealers can enjoy GonHo Windows discount stores in the sample.
Promotional material support Opening, holiday sales promotion activities, the company provides a complete set of publicity materials, a large number of gifts and discount and site planning scheme.
advertising support Do local advertising and brand promotion, GonHo Windows and doors will vigorously support the advertising.
Year-end rebate support GonHo Windows will in the end of each year according to the sales amount percentage rebate, the more performance, the higher the rewards.
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Joining process Luxury decoration, choose gonho doors and Windows
  • consulting

    Know to join in policy

    Provide market information

    Submit an application for joining

  • Cooperation

    Agreement to join

    Pay the deposit

    Communication matters

  • planning

    Capital allocation scheme

    Factory configuration scheme

    Product configuration scheme

  • Preparations

    Headquarters site selection guide

    The store design and decoration

    Staff recruitment

  • training

    Sales skills training

    Store operation training

    Installation of technical training

  • guide

    Management guidance

    Production technical support

    Marketing planning

Foshan ke resler Windows and doors co., LTD
Foshan ke resler Windows and doors co., LTD Dali town is located in China of aluminum - foshan, is a professional engaged in research and development of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, design, production, sales, management, service in a body comprehensive enterprise. The introduction of Germany, Italy advanced production technology and equipment...
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